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 Alternative Payment Program

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Since 1976, Choices for Children’s Alternative Payment Program has utilized state and federal funds to provide parents in Santa Clara County with financial assistance for child care services. Eligibility for the alternative payment program is determined by the guidelines set by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division and the Local Child Care Planning Council. Parents must meet income requirements and have a need for child care while they work, look for employment, attend training or participate in CalWORKs activities. Parents who are incapacitated, who have children at risk of abuse or neglect, or have children with special needs may also be eligible.

Our child care counselors assist families in identifying child care and other community services that meet the specific needs of the child and family. Our staff and resources encompass a wide variety of cultural perspectives and language requirements of the families we serve. Parents have the freedom to choose any public or private licensed, registered or exempt child care program in the county.
Choices for Children has established partnerships with a variety of community agencies and actively participates in collaborative efforts to provide high quality services to all families.  Choices for Children also provides subsidized child care in Alpine and El Dorado counties.
Parent Forms Library:
Student/Training Forms:
Educational/Training Six Year Limitation Form click here
Training Verification Form click here
Training Verification Form-Spanish click here
Training Verification Form-Vietnamese click here
Student Parent Guidelines click here
Student Progress Report click here
Parent Employment Forms:
Employer's Certification of Employment click here
Quarterly Self-Employment Schedule & Income Report click here
Seeking Employment Agreement click here
Seeking Employment Monthly Activity Log click here
Other Parent Forms:
Limited Term Service Leave Agreement click here
Statement of Parental Incapacity click here
Statement of Parental Incapacity-Spanish click here
Statement of Parental Incapacity-Vietnamese click here
Self-Certification of Marital Status & Absent Parent Form click here
Parent Self-Certification of Child Support click here
Parent Consent Form click here
(CD-9608) Notification and Certification for 11 & 12 Year Olds click here
Provider Forms Library:
Attendance Log click here
Attendance Log Regulations (English-Spanish-Vietnamese) click here
Provider Reimbursement Dates for 2012 click here

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